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Detoxify your body, repair and replenish damaged hair as well as promote growth at the root for longer, stronger, and healthier hair with our hexane-free, cold-pressed, single-farm origin Castor Oil.

Found in Egyptian tombs dating back to 4000BC and used by Ayurvedic practitioners for thousands of years, Castor Oil is a natural, holistic healer for hair, skin and body.



All our single-ingredient oils (Jojoba, Castor, Argan) are all "Raw Organic", which means the seeds of the organically grown plant are cold pressed and never ever go through extra steps of deodorisation or filtration to alter their scents or colours. That's why our oils are golden in colour and have their natural nutty scents. Castor oil is also especially thick and sticky, like honey. Deodorisation and extensive filtering greatly remove every vitamin and mineral that these plants' oils naturally have. It turns these oils into lifeless, scentless bright colours none of us needs. Nature knows best!

Organic Castor Oil

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