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Alona is offering blissful Facial - Cranial Reflexology at Vida Haus Treatment Room every Wednesday


Alona Ochert is a Facial-Cranial Reflexology Specialist. She has been a holistic practitioner and health reflexologist for over 20 years, but when she discovered facial and cranial reflexology, this was a total game changer for her! This therapy taps into imbalances in a way so profound, it has been described by many as feeling ‘other worldly’.


What is Facial-Cranial Reflexology?

Facial -Cranial Reflexology is a unique treatment which balances reflexes throughout the body by stimulating the reflexes and acupressure points on the face and scalp. 

Reflexology sees the face as a map of the body and the reflex stimulation puts the body back into balance. It also works the reflex zones deep into the scalp as well as the meridians and acupressure points, where we store stress and trauma. So it is an excellent treatment for shifting deep seated anxiety, as well as maintaining good health. It is also effective for health imbalances such as hormonal issues, digestive disorders and pain.


Alona has also trained as a Gua Sha Master and Stone Medicine Practitioner and uses a combination of stone medicine tools made from ancient Bian Stone meteorite . These firmly stimulate the reflexes and cranial acupressure points and were first used thousands of years ago in China. She also uses ancient Asian diagnostic facial mapping techniques.

Alona Ochert TIDHA Dip Fertility/Mat Ref ITEC Ref
Facial Reflexology Specialist                
Zone Face Lift Practitioner 
Fertility & Maternity Reflexology Specialist (Antenatal Educator)
Health Reflexologist
Essential Oil Therapist                               
Health & Wellbeing Advisor

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