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1-2-1 Transformational Coaching with Suzy Rose

Suzy Rose is now available for 1-2-1 Life Coaching programmes & appointments  at Vida Haus

Studying at Home

Suzy is a Transformational Life Coach and she works with women who are going through a period of change and introspection in the midlife stage of life. Midlife in women can be anything for 40-65 years old and it is often a time when the roles that we have had so far in life have changed. It is a time when menopause can also effect us physically and mentally and can leave us feeling a little unsettled and confused.


For many women, this can be a blessing in disguise. There may a great desire to find a passion or a creative hobby or even start a business. Sometimes there is a spiritual awakening in the process and with professional guidance and support, women can discover their soul purpose and connect with themselves and spirituality in a deeper way.


Suzy trained as a Passion Centred Life Coach and Mentor in the United States in 2008. The Passion Test process helps people find their top 5 passions in life right now and the Coaching Approach enables them to follow their passions and achieve their goals within a structured Coaching framework. Suzy also trained in Transpersonal Psychotherapy 17 years ago in London. She uses the Transpersonal processes with women who are seeking a deeper meaning in life.

Suzy has 3 key programs to offer her clients :

• The 2 session Insight Programme - Both are 90 minute sessions - £197

• The 6 session Goal Attainment Programme - Six sessions of 60 minutes £595

• The 90 Day Transformational Programme - Twelve 60 minute sessions £997


Single Power Sessions are also available - £75


Cancellation Policy

To reschedule, please contact us at least 24 hours in advance. Cancellations within the 48 hour period of a session will be chargeable. In case we need to cancel to reschedule we would contact you as soon as possible to reschedule at a mutually convenient time and no payment will be expected (in case you have already paid for a workshop/service, you will

be given an option for a refund).

Coaching sessions ideally could be held between Thursday to Sunday for appointments.

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