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Vida Haus was born just before the first lockdown in 2020, it was a challenging period as a new business, but passion lead us through. Owner Bily and her team believe deeply in the importance of embodying a well-rounded yogic way of life, and so created a diverse space to share this passion with you all. 

Are you ready to make a positive change in your lifestyle?



VIDA.HAUS translates into the House of Life. It is a space of light and acceptance, a place to feel safe, not only cared for, but also challenged to stand up for who you really are and look after yourself first.

Life runs through all. Our reverence for life is rooted in our pledge to cause the least amount of harm to Mother Earth, to all earthlings, plant kingdom, the air, the space  - to keep it free from pollution, suffering and pain  to the best of our ability. We take the steps we can when we can. We are not perfect and we don't try to be. We are simply in the present moment. Seasons, Moon and Sun guide us along our journey of deep listening and caring. Transformation happens through motion to arrive at stability and stillness.   

Explore your boundaries, learn and participate in ancient practices of yoga, pranayama (breath control), meditation, build physical strength with pilates, dance, laugh, cry, shift your perspective, let craft be therapy, release the child in you, be in ceremony with Mama Cacao, let the music heal you with gong baths, Kirtan and mantra, feel the heartbeat of the drum, the singing of the bell, let the yogic sleep carry you to a place of true rest and relaxation during yoga Nidra or simply sit with us.

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